Our expertise is comprehensive supporting our end-to-end connected solutions. We’ve mastered each component of this chain to provide customers a solution to which we alone are accountable allowing us to manage expectations in performance, support and security.

These key areas include :

  • Automotive-grade electronics from ruggedized data capture modules to wearables. Our products are designed and produced in house with automatic testing to keep quality high and reduce product costs.
  • Our hardware capabilities are managed by embedded firmware to support real-time device data capture, wireless communications and edge computing. With built-in flexibility we can adapt our hardware to support customer needs easily with over-the-air updates.
  • RF technology, critical in any IoT product, to support the latest device uplink radios, proximity detection, geolocation, etc.
  • Data visualization apps for web and mobile devices with simple UXs and meaningful reportings.
  • Analytics with edge computing and artificial intelligence to provide actionable results from disparate data sources not previously realized by our customers. We also maintain flexibility to integrate with customers’ legacy systems with APIs.
  • Continuous improvement and traceability under the umbrella of ISO 9001 : 2015.


  • Electronic & module design
  • Specific antenna design
  • In-house assembly & test

Embedded Software

  • In-house embedded firmware
  • Multi-sensor architecture
  • Battery-life optimization

Data processing

  • API for third-party software
  • Machine learning
  • Data & KPI analytics

Data visualisation

  • Web-service SaaS platform
  • Mobile application
  • UI / UX design

Data harvesting

Data management


  • Private & Public networks
  • Indoor / Outdoor junction
  • LoRaWan standard


ADVEEZ has a strong expertise in collecting and processing data coming from our customers’ devices and is specialized in processing the collected data from our devices and analysing them for our clients.
We insure secured and reliable data at any time, available in real time thanks to the best network available for your technologies and your needs.

Use our localeez platform

Our five stars web platform called Localeez® offering multiple features.

With this intuitive and interactive web platform, user can monitor all assets on the same map whether they are positioned indoor or outdoor.

Any live technical data coming from the vehicles are available such as asset trajectory, events monitoring, shock detection, fuel and battery monitoring, maintenance reminder. All this data is processed and managed to appear in useful weekly reports to help fleet and asset management, insurance and costs reduction. Our users can customize the interface to generate alerts, reports and recommend optimizations.

Localeez® is interoperable with our client IT environment and available on any browsers and mobile app for an unlimited number of users.

Use your own platform

Adveez can exchange data with any customer platforms thanks to our API.
We not only push information but can only receive data as HR information, planning information and so on.
Localeez® platform and third-party platform can be used in the same time. Adveez is flexible in order to fit the most closely to customer requirement.