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By 4 December 2018Logistics, MRO

Toulouse, France – 8 octobre 2019. After one year of research and development in close partnership with Sabena technics Bordeaux, ADVEEZ is proud to celebrate the success of the Indoor Outdoor Asset Tracking roll-out. With this innovative project, ADVEEZ has developed a new indoor and outdoor tracking module to locate the right equipment for the right aircraft operation with an accuracy ranging between 3 to 5 meters.

Tackling multiple challenges

Aircraft maintenance facilities are highly constrained due to metallic infrastructure which does not facilitate asset tracking. To increase daily operation efficiency and productivity in giant multiple sites, Sabena and ADVEEZ have developed together this real time indoor and outdoor tracking solution. In addition to this feature, the solution also provides the maintenance status to optimize action scheduling.

Combining Sabena technics operational expertise on the field with ADVEEZ engineering know how, the teams have designed global solutions including hardware, embedded software, data uplink technology, web platform to display decision-making data.

This project was carried out in 3 different phases: the initial phase consisted in a proof of concept to demonstrate the technology. It was followed by an extended pilot project with an increasing number of assets equipped to measure the solution efficiency and data integrity. Finally, there was the roll out on 300+ assets allocated in 8 hangars of Sabena technics’ site in Bordeaux-France.

Several challenges have been faced to meet Sabena technics’ requirements such as module autonomy, telecommunication technology compatible for both indoor and outdoor environment, interference testing or IT interoperability to include the existing maintenance system interface. In addition to the asset tracking and location goal, the objective is to collect the status of the asset availability to make sure that operations are handled properly, according to the aircraft type and in line with the internal safety rules.

An innovative hybrid indoor and outdoor module.

Each challenge has now been solved: workers can locate at a glance on Localeez®, the dedicated mobile app (available on iOS and Android) or on the web application, any of the 300+ equipment inside or outside the facility. Thanks to the interactive map, Localeez® indicates in real time where are the assets, if they are moving or static.

With ADVEEZ in-house data capture technology, the solution relies on a beacon-based infrastructure to communicate outside relying on LoRa and inside in Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology to locate each asset by GPS triangulation. A private LoRa network has been created especially for this project. Both technologies UWB and LoRa are combined for the first time in one device to allow less infrastructure and a faster installation.

A great success for both teams.

On the 1st of July, Sabena technics has launched officially and internally the use of the IOTM solution. Immediately the overall usability of the system and web interface have been appreciated thanks to the accuracy and consistency of the data available in real time. Now workers operate on their tasks more efficiently and faster.

« Sabena technics is deploying an ambitious digital transformation plan among its core activities in airframe & component maintenance as well as aircraft modification. This plan includes actions from in-depth business rethinking to operational optimization to ease daily processes. For tools, Sabena technics selected ADVEEZ to co-develop an integrated solution to cope with indoor / outdoor geo-tracking. The project team make it happen sharing innovative vision, mutual trust and hard work. Thanks to both teams for this involvement.” François Doré, SVP Strategy and Innovation.

Sabena technics is now looking for a roll out in other sites to increase the efficiency of their operations management.

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About Sabena technics

Sabena technics is a leading French independent provider of aircraft maintenance & modification solutions. With over 2 800 employees based in 14 sites worldwide, the Group supports a large range of aircraft from regional, narrow and wide body, to military fleets. Its long experience, combined with its strong industrial resources, allows it to answer each of its customers’ needs with complete and dedicated solutions: Airframe MRO, CAMO, Component MRO, Modifications, Supply-Chain, Painting, and Training.



Since 2011, ADVEEZ develops innovative hardware & software data capture solutions for telematics to monitor and optimize critical assets management and improve user safety. The ADVEEZ Airport equipment and asset tracking solution is currently being used by major airlines and equipment handlers at more than 50 airports across Europe and North America where our offices are based. In addition, ADVEEZ deploys IoT safety solutions with automatic speed limitation, hands-free access control or innovative fall detection.


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