Speed Control System at Nice

By 31 mai 2021Aéroport

In partnership with ground handlers, NICE AIRPORT chooses ADVEEZ speed control system for GSE to upgrade worker safety in baggage galleries….

Today, in airports, one big issue is speed limitation in baggage galleries. Many reported Ground Support Equipment (GSE) accidents were linked to excessive speed and bad drivers’ behaviors: causing human injuries, vehicles degradation and infrastructure damages. Nice Côte d’Azur Airport takes up this safety challenge with the IoT solution.

Therefore to address this issue, prevent accidents and improve safety, they contracted ADVEEZ to deploy its Speed Control System on baggage galleries of Terminal 1, Terminal 2.1 and Terminal 2.2.

The system consists of one module installed in each vehicle by the ground handler. And it is communicating with the 12 beacons fixed on the infrastructures by the airport. Hence this installation defines perimeters of slowdown areas.

The 85 equipped GSE speed is now automatically and smoothly reduced to 5km/h when operators enter baggage galleries. Outside, the speed is released to normal state to ensure normal running.

Airport managers and GSE operators are very satisfied with this safe speed system. And they report that ADVEEZ system significantly reduces accidents. Moreover, ADVEEZ speed control decreases work interruptions, GSE and infrastructure repair costs as well as insurance costs.

Futhermore, this new installation fall within the process of equipment continuous improvement. In partnership with the ground handlers, this process upgrades worker safety and the passenger journey fluidity. Pedestrians and workers say: « it creates a real sense of security and that they can move more freely and safely in these slowdown areas. »

To conclude, our system is now part of the internal regulations of Nice Côte d’Azur Airport. And managers has requested to include it in the new project of Terminal 2.3 extension.

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