Safe speed limiter system – Brussels Airport Company

By 31 mai 2021Aéroport
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Automatic speed control: a concerted action

In 2018, the Apron Safety Committee (ASC) of Brussels Airport, in collaboration with the Health & Safety services of Brussels Airport Company (BAC) and the baggage handlers, installed a system to automatically limit the speed of electric vehicles in the baggage rooms to 5 km / h.

BAC and the handlers proposed a plan of action and, through market research, started looking for suppliers and systems on the market. ADVEEZ came out first in the selection procedure. The proper functioning of the system was ensured through a test phase, during which Brussels Airport and the handlers were able to extensively test the technology and evaluate it for technical limitations or operational risks.

After a positive evaluation, ADVEEZ installed beacons in all baggage rooms at Brussels Airport. The handlers’ electric baggage carts were equipped with receivers to automatically limit their speed in the baggage rooms to 5 km / h.

Safer for airport teams and handlers

“Aviapartner Belgium NV is pleased with the installation of the automatic speed limiter system at Brussels Airport, which has noticeably increased safety at work. To Aviapartner among others this is an effort that is bearing fruit for all employees in the often busy work environment of the baggage room. ”Koen Wauters – Aviapartner Belgium NV

 “The installation of the speed limiter system in the baggage rooms of Brussels Airport has ensured that employees of Swissport Belgium NV can perform their duties in a safer environment and under safer conditions. This measure is part of Swissport’s safety policy. ”Sam Sollie – Swissport Belgium NV

By installing this speed limiter system for passenger baggage transport, Brussels Airport provides a solution to carry out baggage handling operations in a safer way. This project is in line with the vision of Brussels Airport Company to guarantee maximum safety.

After all, monitoring the use of the equipment is a must to ensure a high-quality service at the airport and prevent safety incidents as much as possible.