Born from our intention to accelerate the digitalization of the day-to-day business, ADVEEZ simplifies the management and usage of the connected objects to bring reliable data and analysis to our clients.

Business today is all about digitalization to maximize preventing actions, cost efficiency and performance optimizations. As a pioneer, ADVEEZ objectives answer these customer needs with our advanced and easy solutions.


Since our creation in 2011, ADVEEZ has been furthering its brand signature by continuously innovating and advancing its technology while keeping it easy for the users.

Starting with its hands-free proximity detection technology, ADVEEZ had rapidly developed its own telematics solution overcoming cost and technological road blocks that plagued the industry. Today, Adveez stays nimble and at the edge of technology to provide its customers with best-in-class products.

ADVEEZ remains a recognized global solution provider of telematics, connected objects and artificial intelligence in multiple sectors such as airports, logistics, seaports, mobility, safety and security.

Quality is always a priority for ADVEEZ. Continuous improvement and traceability are at the heart of our activities in development, manufacturing and distribution of systems (hardware, software and services) for asset and user management. To assert our commitment, ADVEEZ quality management system has been certified under the ISO 9001:2015 international standard since 2019.


ADVEEZ is at the forefront of new IoT technologies for user and asset management. Since 2011, our motivation drives us to :

  • pioneer development in digitizing everyday business activities
  • make all digital information reliable and accessible
  • bring actionable meaning to captured data.

We realize our vision by managing every step of the product life-cycle including the R&D, design, testing, production, distribution, and support. Our in-house expertise allows us to stay ahead of the market and offer customers the best available technology while ensuring cost effectiveness and ease-of-use.


As an innovator and growth generator, ADVEEZ is proud to have received many awards to encourage us in our road to success. Thank you for all these rewards: they help us to continue in our innovating spirit.


The ADVEEZ team is built around the ADVEEZ moniker. Expertise to develop Advanced products which are further polished into an Easycustomer experience. These two ideas drive our employees in their daily activities along with an ingrained open-mindedness to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.
ADVEEZ team members bring our values to life every day. Many of our team members have been with us from the start building upon the ADVEEZ legacy of encouraging leadership and expertise development by taking on the most challenging problems.
Headquartered in Toulouse, we also have a team in the United States providing our customer with a global presence to support their needs.

Jobs & Internships


Vous intégrerez une équipe dynamique de quatre développeurs spécialisée dans le développement web. Dans cette équipe, la prise d’initiative, le dialogue et l’écoute sont prisés et vous y participerez pleinement.

Vous interviendrez sur le développement de notre écosystème SaaS.

Côté front-end : vous prendrez part aux développements d’applications web et mobiles écrites avec des technologies modernes : ReactJS, React Native, en interaction avec différentes APIs

Côté back-end : vous interviendrez dans le maintien et l’évolution des services actuels basés sur Node.js et exposant des APIs (REST et Websocket) connectées à différentes bases de données telles que PostgreSQL et Redis

Côté innovation : vous participerez au développement de nouveaux services utilisant des langages et technologies variées : vous prendrez ainsi part aux discussions concernant la sélection des plus récentes et adéquates technologies à utiliser pour ces services, ainsi qu’à la conception architecturale de ces services. 

Technicien(ne) Electrotechnique (F/H)

Sous la responsabilité directe du Manager Application/SAV, vous aurez comme principaux objectifs :

= > Le déploiement des systèmes ADVEEZ sur les sites des clients

= > La gestion des retours produits et du service-après-vente

Pour mener à bien votre projet vous aurez pour missions :

- Procéder au déploiement et à la vérification des systèmes ADVEEZ sur les sites des clients

- Veiller au bon déroulement des déploiements produits par des entreprises sous-traitantes

- Participer à la formation et au support des équipes techniques des clients

- Coordonner les plannings de déploiements en coordination avec les équipes projets

- Contribuer à l’amélioration continue des systèmes ADVEEZ par la collecte des informations fonctionnelles des systèmes déployés

- Gestion des retours produits

Déplacements réguliers en France et à l’étranger à prévoir.

Spontaneous Application