Wander management system in AP-HP Broca Hospital

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AP-HP Broca Hospital, specialized in geriatric care and innovation, chooses ADVEEZ wander management system for its facilites in Paris.

Belonging to AP-HP group, Broca hospital counts 39 sites in Paris area. This hospital is specific for geriatric care and innovation. Well-known for its expertise, geriatrists come often from all over the country to attend seminaries and follow trainings. End of last year, Broca needed to renew its installation and wanted to find a solution regarding wandering for disoriented elderly people. Therefore, their purchase department launched a bid for tender. ADVEEZ won it in collaboration with its partner EDJ, integrator near Paris.

Challenges and installation

Considering the age of the building, it was necessary to make a technical study to optimize the controller locations and our central monitoring.

The project planned 8 exits to secure:

-1 exit in the garden with access to the street

-1 door close to the nursery

-6 other doors: 1 on the ground floor, the other ones on the first floor, in the lift, and at the entrance.

Regarding the configuration of the hospital, Adveez chose to cable our controllers. The challenge was to draw the cable on several floors and specifically outside the building. At last but not least, the installation has to be linked to a board with buzzers located at the main entrance of the hospital. Indeed, the essential function is to warn medical staff when people runaway.

System dedicated to wander management in hopital.

ADVEEZ has placed the controllers in the ceiling and the antennas close to the door, at 1,20 m from the ground. Thus, safety is optimized. Indeed, dementia people are not able to pull our devices as antenna is flat and controller is out of reach. 100 seniors have been equipped with temper-proofed armband. This device is detected by our controller twice, above the main entrance and on the wall outside, near to the street access.

Immediate benefits for the nurse team and the seniors

Thanks to our customized solutions, Adveez was able to meet requirements in term of price and installation. Adveez solution is now referenced by AP-HP who is satisfied with its durability, easy installation and reliability. Nurses can concentrate on their main tasks like caring and monitoring people. At the same time they feel less stressed and pressured. Furthermore, the resident families feel appeased. Thanks to our solution, nurses can inform them accurately with activity reports generated by our solution in a excel board. In addition to this system, an extension to nursing call system is possible if Broca wishes to select one.

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