Hands-Free Technology

Adveez hands-free access technology is a simple, cost-effective location solution that can be added to any secure access system.


Resident and Patient Protection

Managing those at risk of falling and/or wandering is a real challenge for healthcare facilities. We can manage both automatically.


Fleet & Asset Management

Optimization of a vehicles fleet or assets is essential. We provide a reliable and easy to use system that meets your needs.

Why Adveez?

Complete control of the value chain.
Design, Development and Production in France.

  • Hands-free

    Our specialty.

    The convenience of Hands-free Access Control translates into real productivity gains.

  • Mesh Network

    Our technical skill.

    With our wireless controllers, integrate an Adveez system quickly and save big.

  • Fast Installation

    Our commitment.

    You pay for deployment one way or the other. Well, now you can pay less and have your system operational sooner.

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